Vasthu Vilakku


This lamp of unique design is the sole development of PRM for vasthu Dosha Remedy and for positive ambiance. Prm with the help and guidance of vasthu experts and designed and developed VASTHU VILAKKU.The design of vasthu vilakku and name VASTHU VIALKKU is registered with Indian Trade Mark and patent act and rules vide registration No.223936. Whoever duplicates it is an offense and punishable under the Indian Trade and patent Act.

Available in four sizes.

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Vasthu vilakku made as per the principles of Peeta Pooja Manthra, and when we light the vasthu vilakku we worship all the universal powers and panchaboothas. It is suggested to first light the lamp on a Friday early morning before sunrise using ghee and putting 5 wicks east,south, west, north and northeast. It is preferable to keep vasthu vilakku in the north east corner or else in the pooja place or in a neat and tidy area of our home.

The base of vasthu vilakku is Adhikoorma the second incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu to hold Mahameru Mandhara hill during the course of Palazhimadhanam and as a result the Devas could gain Amrutham and Amarathuam. So by worshiping the Koorma Avathara of Lord Mahavishnu positive things definitely happen in our home and surroundings. Sunsequent lighting of lamp can be by using gingelly oil morning or evening. The first lighting of vasthu vilakku can be on the following occasions also.

Friday early morning
Grihapravesam of our new home
When Navavadhu enters her new home after the marriage
Onam , vishu Akshayathretheeya, Deepavali, pournami and other religious auspicious
andfestival days.

  • Vasthu Dosha remedy
  • The composition prescribed in Silpasastra
  • For happiness and untold prosperities
  • Made in Panchaloha
  • For Ultimate peace
  • Available in 4 sizes

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