Panchapathram HVY with Udarani


  • Panchapathiram Uthirani is used in performing all the Pooja activities and Plays an important part in the temples and home.
  • Panchapathiram Uthirani is made of Brass which boosts the immunity of the body.
  • The Panchapathiram (vessel) is placed in front while doing pooja and water is filled in it. The Uthirani is dipped to take water from the vessel.
  • Chanting mantras in front of the Panchapathiram creates a positive vibes to the water. It was considered as a medicine during olden days due to its anti-bacterial, antiviral properties.
  • In the temples, Pooja performed holy water is distributed using the Brass Panchapathiram Uthirani.
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